Press release – Interface to CowManager

Harmelen and Ketzin, october 2018

CowManager and dsp-Agrosoft are glad to tell you about the new developed interface between both systems.

CowManagerthe leading cow monitoring program, announces the interface of its system with HERDEplus an. The new interface expands the existing coupling possibilities.

CowManager data contains detailed information about the health, fertility and nutrition status of the animals. The coupling allows the retrieval and transmission of cow-specific data in both systems simultaneously, delivering the most accurate information about the animals anytime – an important prerequisite for making the right decision.

HERDEplus is a new development based on the previous herd management software with the know-how of more than 40 years. HERDEplus offers better possibilities than its previous version and can be connected to various technical interfaces, such as CowManager health monitoring technology.

The rapid development of heat and health monitoring including animal location requires new technologies that are scalable with increasing data volumes. Our customers are looking for the right solution for their operation and expect comprehensive data synchronization from HERDEplus to CowManager and inversely. With the information from other areas of the herd management, such as milk yield, consumption of concentrated feed and animal health data give the user a more complete picture and enable him to make well-founded decision on upcoming animal actions.

CowManager simplifies your life

CowManager was developed by dairy farmers to increase the productivity and profitability of dairy farms. The innovative and user-friendly technology provides reliable data on the behavior and condition of the cows. It will offer farmers simple and successful solutions which make work easier, more efficient and better.

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