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Rest time (RZ)

The resting time is the period between the last calving and the subsequent initial infusion.
Rastzeit (RZ)=FWZ + UWZ


  • Stock: 60 to 85 days
  • Cows: 42 to 90 (115) days depending on performance and body condition
The expected resting time (vRZ) is an estimate for the expected resting time of the cows that have not yet been inseminated.

It is calculated on a daily basis for cows that have not yet been inseminated, which have exceeded 42 lactation days p.p. It results from their average number of days after calving plus 11 days (equivalent to half a cycle). It is assumed that all these animals are first inseminated in the current breeding cycle (on average 11 days after the current day date).

See also Physiologically Conditional Minimum Rest Time.